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how gratitude can help you through hard times

To end off the Thanksgiving season and bring in Christmas. I wanted to inspire you guys to do 30 days of Gratitude. For day one I am starting off with how being thankful can actually benefit you through tough times.

Gratitude; otherwise known as gratefulness and / or thankfulness , is an attitude that shows your readiness to appreciate or share an act of kindness. And with that, we have saved November as the month of giving. Thanksgiving is a time we give thanks. To all of our family and friends as well as within ourselves, share what it is to be kind, and what we are grateful for. But have you ever truly thought to challenge your gratitude outside of the thanksgiving tradition ?

Now you might be thinking to yourself, 'well, I say in the mornings that I am grateful I am alive.' And when you're happy ? Surrounded by your kids maybe or your spouse or friends who really make you smile. You step back in your head and say 'wow I'm really grateful I have these people to surround myself with.' The key in this, is that you're not challenging your gratitude by being grateful only when you are happy. Of course a lot of things are easier said than done. And how could you possibly try to feel kindness or gratitude when you are upset ? Wanna know something ? It's essential. If you challenge yourself to be grateful when you are upset about something I promise you over time your relationships will improve, your sleep will improve, your material mindset will improve, and your attitude with gratitude will change.

See, when people are at the top of their valley, they begin to feel insusceptible by the severity of life around them. I am not trying to say that you must always live vulnerable, however, when you make yourself aware that everything you feel and everything you have can be taken away from you in an instance, it will become much harder to be taken for granted. If you start changing your daily habits that bring you into a bad mood. The stressing over daily tasks. You will overall improve your mood, as well as health.

A way to challenge your gratitude is to think of a hardship in your life that completely tore you down, right? and then think of everything you felt and everything you did to cope and move forward to that better place. The more you install an attitude with gratitude into your hard times, the easier and easier they will become. Not to say that you shouldn't make room for pain or suffering. Allowing pain and sadness to have it's time is actually extremely important to keeping a balanced lifestyle, however, we shouldn't be letting the pain and stress consume us. Instead allow your mind to subconsciously develop gratefulness for the things around you, and you will notice your sadness will become a moment to let out those bothersome things, and then you'll be able to move on a little happier in your day. Gratitude is actually a good coping mechanism for certain stressors.

When you think about the past, present and future. We have all heard that we mustn't dwell on our past and that we must focus on the now. Our past is an essential to our now because it is the foundation on which we have created what we have now. So when someone says stop dwelling in the past, take that advice, but instead, do not dwell on the hardships in a negative way. The hard times of your past are the strongest parts of you, that built the safe space you fall to in the present.

Remember, the goal is not to relive but to revamp. Take the upsetting time in your life and change it to a new perspective. Something you guys will probably see me mention a lot in the future is the saying "Be, Have, Do." This is my most favorite explanation which I have pulled from the book "Conversations with God." A lot of society's mindset today is to have-do-be. You must have something to then be able to do something to then be something. AKA you must have money to buy the things you want to then be happy, or for this instance, you must have something to be grateful and do something as an act of kindness to then BE considered a kind or grateful person. However if you change that around; if you allow yourself to BE grateful and HAVE an attitude of gratitude you then subconsciously allow yourself to DO kind things. And not only to the people around you but also to yourself. Emotional venting without accompanying insight will not produce change. This is something that grateful people can appreciate, and something you can also learn.

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